Mike Ingledew

Tech Data Evangelist

Michael Ingledew

I have been supporting clients worldwide now for almost 3 decades. I have a unique set of skills in a Liam Neeson way! I am an aircraft engineer by trade, trained as a technical author, project manager and started and sold a couple of businesses, all in the structured information market.

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    Learn at your pace with engaging rich video content supported by real world examples and material to support both theory and real-life of adopting complex specifications.

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    Deep domain experience in supporting projects adopt complex specifications like S1000D and related standards, identify software and implement process.

What our students have said

S1000D training does not have to be dull!

“The training was excellent, not just training on the specification, but the real use and examples supporting how to do it right”

Senior Project Engineer

“The training was simply brilliant. Your enthusiasm for the material you deliver made the entire course engaging.”

Technical documentation Manager

“I was dreading this course when I was told I had to attend! How wrong was I, absolutely brilliant and fun to listen and learn - thank you!”

IETP Implementation Manager

“This wasn't training, this was consultancy and training all rolled into one. You gave us some brilliant advice along the way and have likely saved us a huge amount of time and money.”

Technical Publications Manager

“I don't normally provide feedback, but just wanted to say, the course was amazing and I loved it! ”

Technical Publications Project Manager

“I've done S1000D training before with a software vendor. Now I see that their course was tailored to the lack of functionality in their software and not was S1000D actually supports. Great job Mike!”

Senior Tech Pubs Engineer

“What I liked about this course is you were able to actually answer our questions and you made all examples relevant to us and our project. Loved the course and we will be having you back!”

ILS Project Manager

“Simple, the best training course I have attended. Your slides were so engaging.”

Technical Author