Course curriculum

    1. Resources to help you during this course

    2. DMRL Template

    1. Welcome to Understanding XML and S1000D

    2. Welcome and what we will learn

    3. Getting the best out of this course

    1. Who owns S1000D?

    2. Issues and Key Differences in S1000D versions

    3. Requesting Changes to S1000D

    4. Where S1000D sits in the world of specifications

    5. Navigating the Specification, Key Conventions and Must Knows

    6. An overview of what we mean by structured languages

    7. Forget these things - for now!

    8. The Why of S1000D

    9. S1000D Key Philosophies

    1. What is S1000D - 30,000 ft

    2. It's more than authoring, what do we need to know before we create content?

    3. The Business Rules Concept and BREX

    4. Scoping our Project

    1. What are modules?

    2. Types of Modules

    3. Identification of Modules

    4. The Publication Module

    5. Deeper into Module

    1. Business Rules and Guiding your Project

    2. Don't touch!

    3. Configuring S1000D content - Applicability

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